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Worksheets, checklists, tutorials and helpful guides.
Ability To Repay Worksheet Image
Closing Document Matrix Image
The matrix outlines our forms and documents.

Smart Series Calculator Image
Use this worksheet to calculate SMART SERIES Loans.

LP Open Access (LPOA) Product Profile Image
This matrix provides overlays that are applicable to agency loans submitted to LPA.

Approved AMC List Image
Non-Delegated Correspondents are required to use a New Penn approved AMC for all Shellpoint portfolio or SMART Series loans, but not VA, FHA or Conventional loans

APR Finance Charge Matrix Image
This matrix is a list of various fees and charges considered to finance charges

Correspondent Partner Reference Guide Image
This guide contains the Partner information for the New Penn Financial Non-Delegated Correspondent Program.

Fee Schedule Image
Actual set of fees to be charged.

Gift Fund Checklist Image
This checklist is for underwriter to input information about gift, and source of gift. To be used at closing.

LION Video Tutorial: Non-Delegated Locking & Submitting Loans Image
This tutorial offers valuable information on how to lock and submit to New Penn Financial National Correspondent Division.

Loan Purchase Submission Checklist Image
Submission checklist for Loan Purchases for the New Penn Financial National Correspondent Division.

RESPA-TILA Integrated Disclosure Timing Chart Image
VISA Classification Matrix Image
he Visa Classifications Chart is a reference guide to the visa classifications issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). This chart provides a summary o


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